Getting everything on my website

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I have been reading through the support center since Tuesday, I learned a lot but there is still grey spots, by the way I knew absolutely nothing about reseller hosting before reading your support center.

I will be buying a reseller account through InMotion and I would like to know where I can find tutorials on putting everything together, I will explain myself. I have a Wordpress website and in the next few days I will be selling hosting packages and domain names after I have purchased my reseller account. I know how to make hosting packages through WHM but can you tell me how to put this all on my website with prices and everything so that everything is automated meaning that a client will click on the package he wants to buy and it will take him to billing and the hosting plan will be ready for him to login in his new cpanel after his payment is accepted. I know that some of this will be done in WHMCS but how to glue all of this together?

Also, as for prices for selling domain names, how much do I, as a reseller pay and how much can I sell?

Sorry for the long question. If someone can direct me to a tutorial I would be very happy.

Hello rdizazzo, Thank you for your question on reseller hosting. You need to install WHMCS and play around with it as it can be tricky at first setting up. While we do not have a guide that goes over every bit of being a reseller you can use this WHMCS guide to atleast handle the setup part. As for prices that is for you to determine as I believe the going rate at this time is a cost $9.99 per domain you resell under eNom. WHMCS will handle all the WHM automation part and you can use plugins with your WordPress website such as WHMCS bridge to pull information from WHMCS and use it on your website. Best Regards, TJ Edens