Why Is The Pricing In AMP Different Than Your Homepage?

  • Answered
1, in the home page, the VIP1000S just need 29.99 per month if purchase for 1 year. But we have to pay near $50 per month if we buy the 1 year deal.
2,how and why
Hello, Thank you for your question on the homepage pricing versus the AMP pricing. Our homepage displays the different deals that you may qualify for. In the case of the VPS 1000S, the $29.99 you see is the first year promotional price if you purchase the full year in advance. The AMP always displays the regular price that the plan will renew at once the promotional period is over. You can see the standard pricing on the plan page for each time period. It is the one that is struck out next to the promo price. If you have any specific billing questions about your account, feel free to contact our Live Billing team at any time! Kindest Regards, Scott M