Wordpress WooCommerce Error - Sesson has Expired

  • Answered
I have searched this error "Sorry, your session has expired. Return to homepage" in many areas on the Internet, but some people point it back to the ISP to change something in the wp-config.php for WordPress. They don't tell me exactly what the ISP did.

Every time I try to purchase a product in WooCommerce, I get the "Sorry, your session has expired. Return to homepage" . Cookies have been cleaned, I have even tried it on other computers, an iPhone and iPad, and still get the same error. While building my products and testing them on the cart, it was working fine for about a day, and then the same error occurred.

So I rebuilt the Wordpress website again and same thing happens. Disabled all the plug-ins except for WooCommerce, and the problem persists.
Hello james, Sorry to hear you are having issues with WooCommerce checkout. This issue does seem to be Woo related, so disabling all plugins except Woo helped to confirm that. Testing on other devices did rule out it being device specific, so that leaves Woo itself. We have not come across this issue before, so we have not had the opportunity to troubleshoot it first hand. I did find a couple of instances that were resolved. You may want to check them out here and here to see if either one of those solutions helps you. Kindest Regards, Scott M