Getting Error 404 on all pages

  • Answered
I am a new customer.

More than 30 hours have passed after DNS update. I have restored my wordpress using cPanel. I am getting error 404 on all pages, including wp-login.php (if accessed via although phpMyAdmin shows the posts in the table.

If I access wp-login.php via temporary url, then I get the wordpress login page, but after submitting I again get 404 error.

This problem is probably not only restricted to wordpress. I have a file under_construction.html in public_html folder. I am able to access this file using the temporary URL, but gives 404 error.

Also, accessing the home page using gives inmotionhosting server no, but accessing it via temporary URL displays blog's home page (text-only). Please help!
Hello, Sorry to hear you are getting 404 errors on your site pages. Propagation time usually completes in less than 24 hours. If it has been 30 hours for you, then there is likely an issue with the DNS settings. If the domain is reporting that it is pointed to our name servers, there may be an issue with the IP address for the main record. You will want to contact our Live Support team so they can take a look at the DNS and your account details to be sure the issue is corrected. Kindest Regards, Scott M