Site slow & AJAX Request slow: Joomla + MijoShop

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One of our Joomla sites is running slow, especially on its shop component; when an item is in the cart there is an AJAX call that takes 5 seconds+. We are running this same setup on other multiple InMotion sites with no issues.

This is the shop page:

We also have another ticket that's been open for about a week regarding a module that's typically available on cPanel that, for whatever reason, isn't on this one. Seems to be an issue with the shared server we're on.
Would it be easier to just move us to another machine and see if that clears up the problem?

Here's that ticket:
Hello Greenelafmedia,

I'm sorry that you're having problem with your site performance. If you have a technical support ticket, you will need to wait for the ticket response. I did run your site through a third-party scanner to check the perfomance of the site and you can see the results here:

If you look at the results, it shows you the reason for the performance results. Please review the results for the specific suggestions that would help speed up your website performance. Asking to change servers would need to be done though the ticket. We cannot perform a server change in the Support Center. Also, please be aware that changing servers may not solve your performance problems.

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Arnel C.