Memory usage and any advice would help

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I am currently working on some sort of a classifieds website where users will be creating listings and uploading their own images in each listing. I know in the long run, if the site gets busy, the listings/images will use a lot of my storage space and when people will be viewing the listings it might take more time to retreive the images. I am currently on a VPS plan, so does it mean that if i start to reach my memory limit and will need to upgrade to the next VPS plan available or would you have a good advice you could give considering this type of website and business model. Thank you
Hello tingo,

Thank you for your question on reducing your usage. The number one thing you can do to help is to use caching. Also, things such as optimizing your images, etc will also help. You can run your site through a test site like which will test and give advice on how to speed up your load times and reduce usage.

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Scott M