pre setup questions for Wordpress blog in existing website

  • Answered
I'm revamping our website to make it responsive and am looking at using WordPress as a blog embedded into the site. On our old site the blog was incorporated completely into the site. What I've been reading about WordPress is that there is an independent blog site that will be posted up onto the internet as well as into the website. When using WordPress through InMotion hosting is this true?
If it is fully integrated in the site and isn't a separate entity that will be search engine accessible, is worth using two different programs for the website and blog?
Any advise?
Hello Linda, Thank you for your question on setting up WordPress as part of your site. Yes, the way you describe it the WordPress will be a separate entity as far as functionality and login, but search engines will see it as part of a single site if it uses the same domain name. Now, you may want to explore the possibility of making then entire site with WordPress. It can do pages as well as have the separate blog portion. This may or may not be something you want to do, depending on how the rest of your site is designed. It will not give any real benefit in doing so other than having everything under the same system for login. For some sites, having the separate entities for forums, blog, galleries, etc works better. But if they all use the same domain name, the search engines view them as all part of a single site. Kindest Regards, Scott M