Top horizontal menu issue

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Hey guys,
Lately you have not been as helpful as you usually are. I blame Scott....too many late parties. I'm giving you a chance to help with a top horizontal menu issue that is more main stream. Here is what's going on:
As you know, you can use the CUSTOM LINK OPTION in the top horizontal menu to create a link for a blog for example. When I do that however, this is what happens:
My blog is:
When I put the link in I get this:
so I tried only putting in the word blog for the link.
Then I got this:

Every attempt results in a 404 error. What is the /en/. Why the double addresses?
Hello Bruce,

Thank you for your PrestaShop question about /en/blog. In our test site, the only time the /en/ portion appears in the URL if you have installed other languages via the Localization packs. If you remove the other languages after that and leave only English, then the /en/ portion will be removed from the URL. However, any URL that still uses it will give a 404.

In looking at your site, it does not seem that you have any languages installed other than English and no other URLs are getting the /en/ addition. I looked at the module configuration to add /blog and the link presented there does not have the /en portion. Did you change anything or is it now working?

Also, I did not see the link on the menu for blog. If you could tell me where that is, I could test a little bit.

The double addresses part was simply from entering the whole URL originally instead of the partial URL that would come after the It is not very intuitive, but you seem to have figured that part out. That format applies in most cases within PrestaShop.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M