Prestashop module causing Access denied, ip address blacklisted error

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I am using prestashop 1.6. And three third party modules are causing error: "Access Denied! Your address is blacklisted. More information about this error may be available in the server error log."
The modules are from well known developer and he has demostrated me that they work with other hosts. I contacted inmotion hostings technical support live chat, but they were not able to find the problem: telling that the error logs are empty. They also looked at the code an find no error. Also tried updating php.ini and so on but nothing worked.
The file that is causing the error:
And the output it should give if it would work correctly:

How is it possible that inmotion hosting is the only one those modules doesn't work with. Can I do something to make it work or do I just need to change the host?

Sorry to hear about your issue with the PrestaShop plugin. I went to both links you provided and both are giving the same output. I am not seeing any sort of error on your page. Were you able to fix the issue?

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Scott M