Woocommerce Product Variations Not Saving Correctly

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Trying to set up product pages for selling shirts, with around 243 variations.

Following the advice of Woocommerce troubleshooting, and the advice of others online, I edited my php.ini files, and adjusted the following:

max_execution_time 120 120
max_input_time 120 120
max_input_vars 4000 4000
memory_limit 2048M 2048M

Before I made these adjustments, when I would save the page, then go back and look at the Variations on the page, the order was not saved, they mostly seemed to go back to default.

After I made these adjustments, for the most part they stayed in the order I placed them, except 1 of the variations, it would move from the very bottom, to the 2nd from the top and change back to default.

I ALMOST have it. It seems the last variations do not save. The price does not save and the "enable" box gets unchecked.

I have googled and googled, read so much about others with similar problems, and as I said, it almost works perfectly, except for 2 variations. I tried adding 1 more variation, then when I checked the page, none of the prices showed and none of the variation combinations showed up on the page. I deleted that extra variation, and all the others showed the price again, except for 1 or 2.

I am on the verge of tears over here, I don't know what else to do. I desperately could use some help in trying to figure this out, as there is no way I can continue to build my new site if I can't get the products working properly.

Other key points:

The site I am having problems with, is not my LIVE site now, when I finish building this new site, it will replace my current site.

Also, not every shirt will have this many variations. Only t-shirts and long sleeve shirts will go up to size 6XL.

I have 5 other shirts styles that only go up to 3XL. Not all shirt designs are available in this many shirt colors (27).


Does creating a product with 1 or 2 variations work?
It may simply be due to the amount of variations that are being sent at a single time.

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