New customer transfer site questions

  • Answered

We are planning to move our site to inmotion VPS 1000s from our current host. Site is around 1000 pages and CMS is Drupal 6.33.

Far as the transfer goes our current host says:

"We'll get you an export of all of your files and database whenever you are ready. Unfortunately, that is the extent to which we will be able to assist with this migration. InMotionHosting, while very inexpensive, doesn't provide the tools we need to support this type of move. Or in some cases makes setup and configuration of said tools very difficult. "

Is this the case and will this create problems far as a transfer goes? I understand that inmotion includes the site transfer as part of the setup (I am aware that this is a case by case basis, however I spoke with support and was told that costs are minimal if it comes to that. However I had not heard what our current host has to say in regard to potential issues. Is this a potential problem?

Hello, Thank you for your site transfer questions. As long as we have access to all your files and databases, I don't foresee any issues with a site transfer on our side. We are happy to attempt the site transfer for you, as it is usually a pretty straight forward process, and we host many Drupal sites. I'd be happy to review what "tools" they need to "support this type of move," since we use the industry standard cPanel/WHM interface. But anyone can move their site to us, we have walk-through guides for people moving from cPanel hosts, or even a host that does not have cPanel. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul