SyncBack FTP dropping connection

  • Answered
I use SyncBackPro for backing up files on my servers. My connections are drying after only a minute connected, and sometimes it is able to reconnect but eventually will give up. This software has worked for me for years but now I come to inmotion and am having problem.

It seems that after 30s that after that disconnect it doesn't connect again.

Figured it out!

FTP | Advanced | Force binary transfers - check

I am not entirely sure why this works as my error was occurring at random times during the SCAN, never reaching the steps to copy any files.

I hope this comment helps some in the future!

Thanks again for the support.

I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your FTP program. There are no settings on the server to drop a connection after such a short period of time. Using FileZilla, I can stay connected for an extended period of time, both idle and moving files, without issue. Is there some sort of error message being presented when it stops? Have you done a test run with another FTP program such as FileZilla? We would be happy to test with your program if it was free, but we do not have the capability to test it since you have the Pro version. So please test with FileZilla and the results of that will help us to determine if there is an issue between SyncBack and your server.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M