Receiving HUGE amounts of spam

  • Answered
After years of very minimal spam receipts, I have for about a couple of months or so been receiving several HUNDRED spam messages PER DAY across ALL of the email accounts hosted by Inmotion. SpamSieve does a good job of filtering them, but I still have to review the messages tagged as spam to make sure a legitimate message didn't get improperly defined as such. It's a pain in the butt. What, if anything, has changed at Inmotion's end that suddenly allows so much crap to get through? Is there anything I can do to stop this stuff from ever getting this far?
Nothing has changed on the servers regarding spam, however, your email address may have been placed somewhere online which has resulted in the large amount of spam. I recommend configuring SpamAssassin as well as setting up various email filters which will get rid of a large majority of spam.