Multi Store with Subdomain Prestashop

InMotionFans 6 years ago in Ecommerce / Prestashop 15 0
I would like to move a private store to a subdomain and I have some doubts. For instance, I have a retail store at mydomain.com and I would like to have a private one at private@mydomain.com

I followed this steps so far, but don't know whether I did something wrong or not
First of all go to cpanel and park the subdomain.

Here is my first doubt. Shall I create the subdomain before? Do I need to set anything else as manage redirection or something like that?

Secondly go to prestashop back end and configure the multistore options.
Here I don't know how I should set the URLs. I've tried several ways but didn't get what I expected. As I may have done something wrong from the beginning that can be the reason.

Hello, Thanks for the question. First, your screenshot indicates that you're creating a .parked domain. Parked domains are designed to re-direct BACK to the primary domain. If you want to create a separate URL that you can use a store, then either register a domain and set it up as an add-on domain or create a subdomain such as the one you're trying to show as an example: private.mydomain.com. Are you using PrestaShop to manage another store already? If you were managing a separate store and you want to ADD a second store to manage, then that is the primary reason you should be using the multi-store option in PrestaShop. Your URLs are the location of the shop. So, if you want PrestaShop to use "private.mydomain.com" then that would be your URL for that second store. The physical URL is the folder location of the store on your server. The SSL URL requires that you have purchased an SSL specific to that URL in order to allow secure connections between your customers and the server. The VIRTUAL URL is well explained in the sidebar by PrestaShop. It allows you to create a URL that does not exist on your server. PrestaShop then uses mod re-write rules to point to the actual location on the server. Again, the main reason your "private.mydomain.com" URL probably did not work was because you made it a PARKED DOMAIN. Change that and then it should make more sense. A parked domain would simply re-direct to your main domain. I hope this helps to explain the whole issue for you. If you're still confused, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.