Excel Sheet format to import products in opencart

  • Answered
Can any one provide me Excel Sheet format to import products in opencart. If possible please attach demo excel sheet to answer. I am newbie in this field.
OpenCart does not have native import method, so you need to choose among the extensions, but not all of them support Excel. The most often-used format is CSV, so you need consider this choosing import method to avoid file re-formatting. I can offer the tool called Store Manager for OpenCart. It supports csv, xml, excel and other formats. Here are file samples -
http://www.opencartmanager.com/useful-articles/general-information-on-opencart/opencart-import-supported-file-formats/ there you can also download free 2-week version.

I would not assume that one module has the same format as another in regards to importing and exporting. The best way would be to use your chosen module and export demo data. Then you will see the format that it uses and can use that as a template.

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Scott M