I need a php.ini file in my home directory

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I don't have a php.ini file
you can install it in my home directory?
Hello JohnnyS,

The php.ini file is simply a list of configurations for the php interpreter to go by. If you need one in your local area, then you would likely know what settings you need to add or change. A blank one allows you to customize the settings to whatever you need by adding the settings you need. So if you have no settings to change, then the php.ini is not necessary and will simply run off of the server's default.

If you wish to have a copy of the server php.ini so you can make changes, that does need to be done via the support team. As it will involve making changes to your account (adding, deleting files, making changes, etc is considered making changes) you will need to contact them to verify the account. You could do it here, but I do not suggest posting identifying information in a public forum.

As to our questions and answers, yes many times we do need more information, especially of the person asking the question is not our customer (we cannot see into the account or server) or if we cannot duplicate the error on our side. Answers here are not generally designed to be specific to each user, that is what Live Support is for. Questions here are answered so that they apply to as many people as possible.

I hope this sheds some light on how we do things here in the Support Center.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
Hello, If you simply need an empty php.ini filr to work from, you can create the file within your cPanel. If you need a copy of the server default php.ini file to be inserted into your account, you will need to contact our Live Support team so they can verify the account in order to make the changes. Kindest Regards, Scott M