Prestashop Subcategory Products Missing

  • Answered
In Prestashop we know that the HOME Category is the parent category. In order to have a product appear in featured products you must associate it with the HOME category.. If you don't want a product to appear in featured products you do not associate it with the HOME category. There is however a problem I have discovered I need help with.

When I do not associate a product with the HOME category as well as the subcategory, the product does not show up in it's subcategory either......example:

Dog Pillow Bed: If I associate the product with HOME and the subcategory PILLOW BEDS, the product shows up in featured products and in it's correct position on the PILLOW BED category page. If I do not want this particular product to in FEATURED PRODUCTS right now and I do not associate it with HOME, then the product also does not show up on it;s category page. So it does not show in any category.
With the stock PrestaShop theme, the products appeared properly under the defined category both with and without being defined as featured. Unfortunately, it looks like the issue may be caused by your theme as everything is working correctly on the default theme. You may want to speak with your theme developer for more information on the issue.