Schedule Post in wordpress shows as "missed schedule"

  • Answered
I have scheduled a post and but it didn't publish on time rather is says "missed schedule"
It used work correctly before but not sure what happen suddenly

I am using wordpress 3.8.3 with this theme

and have below plugins

Breadcrumb NavXT
Dynamic Widgets
Facebook Like Box
Google XML Sitemaps
TinyMCE Spellcheck
W3 Total Cache
WordPress SEO
WP Realtime Sitemap
Hello Tommytippy, Sorry to hear about the problem you're having with your WordPress install. It sounds like your scheduled post stopped working, but you didn't say that the behavior continued to be an issue. Some of these problems can occur if there was brief server issue. If the problem still exists, I would start with simplifying your installation by disabling plugins and seeing if you can't schedule another post. I would also double-check your available server space. If you are out of space, then they could be a likely cause as well. Since we have no way of seeing your installation or your files, it's difficult for us to investigate the issue. We can only make suggestions. We do have a guide on troubleshooting WordPress. I hope this advice helps to resolve the issue. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Regards, Arnel C.