Export/Import is not working

  • Answered
I have installed export/import extension in opencart as per the instructios,but i don't see the option in system tab.What could be the reason?? Is the overide engine mandatoy if I have already installed vqmod??Please help.
Hello, and thank you for your question. In regards to installing the bulk export/import OpenCart extension, you do need to make sure that you are uploading the folders from the upload folder of the extracted extension you downloaded, into the root folder of your OpenCart installation. The extension has a admin, system, and vqmod folder that when uploaded to the server should place the needed files in the correct location to use the extension. You do need to make sure that you've already installed vQmod for OpenCart, so that there is already a vqmod folder on the server for the export / import extension to upload its files to. Also you'll want to double-check and ensure that you've downloaded the correct version of the extension to match your OpenCart installation. If you're still having any issues at all, please let us know what version of OpenCart you're running, and also the name of the extension download, such as opencart-1-5-6-x-export-import-17.zip - Jacob