500 Internal Error Wordpress

  • Answered
I can not figure out the issue with my Internal 500 Error. I can't click on anything within Wordpress (on the backend), everytime I click a back link, it comes up error. What could this be?
Hello Roundguysbrewer, Sorry to hear about your problem. We need a little more specific information. Did you upgrade anything recently? Did you add any plugins? Was anything changed in your WordPress installation? Think back and see if you can identify when the installation stopped working. It would help us isolate the issue. I spent a bit of time going through your installation looking at the theme, plugins, and log files on the server. We checked the obvious causes of 500 errors (typically permissions issues), but nothing stands out. We also identified the issue coming from both themes.php and plugins.php on the site. Even though I tried to go BACK to the default theme, the error occurs and this was happening with ALL of your plugins disabled. We believe that either a theme (Weaver) or a plugin was loaded that modified files in the WP installation and is causing problems, but we're not sure WHERE or WHAT has been changed. It's possible that if it is related to the Weaver theme, that you need to load its latest, or contact the author of that theme to see if there is an existing issue or fix. If you wish for us to continue researching/troubleshooting the issue, please provide us a little more information. Here are some of the WordPress forum posts in regards to this issue. You are not the only person to see this kind of problem: Backend errors: Premature end of script Large core dumps (You're getting these by the way - they should be deleted once the issue is resolved) Debugging in Wordpress Apologies again for the problem. Please provide some further information in order for us to continue troubleshooting the issue. Regards, Arnel C.