How can I manage my suppliers and customers in opencart

  • Answered
I am planning to sell arts and crafts online using opencart but I have few douts
1) is it possible to maintain my suppliers details ? Because each item is produced by different person.
I would like to know if a customers buys a product online will I be able to get the suppliers contact details of that particular product ?
2) is it possible to collect customers personal details and send send greeting on their birthday etc via email automatically ?
3) when a customer makes the payment online is it possible to send a invoice with the reference number automatically ? If so how.
And suggest me some extension or plugins for a new opencart store
Thank you
I am unsure as to what you are referring to in the first question. Could you clarify? Customer details are indeed saved, although by default it does not automatically send out emails other than order information, however, various extensions may exist to do so. I've never seen this done personally on OpenCart but I was able to find a birthday extension that will do what you're looking for. Purchases made by your customers will indeed automatically send emails to them by default. You won't need any kind of special configuration for this.