GoDaddy 'throttles' my emails

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I send out emails from my website in batches of 45. There are less than 5 batches. I use PHP and the PHPMailer functions to do this. I have been getting SMTP error messages from anything that goes to a site hosted at GoDaddy. The error is a 421 error, " Connection refused, too many sessions from [my ip addr]". They (GoDaddy) tell me that it's because I'm not quite as "trusted" as a site like "" or "". So what kind of blackmail do I have to pay to be "trusted" by GoDaddy and other providers that do this?
Not only does GoDaddy throttle outbound email but they throttle email backups. I would highly advise not letting GoDaddy be the primary store for your email. In fact in light of my recent experiences trying to back up 2GB of email, I would highly advise using GoDaddy altogether. As a corporation they have jumped the shark.
Hello kl666-a$$, Thank you for your question today. There can be many reasons why a receiving email server chooses to trust one sender from another. Without them telling you directly, there is no way to know for sure. However, there is something you can do to enhance your chances of being trusted. This can be done right from your cPanel. DKIM is a setting that you can set for email addresses on your account. DKIM means Domain Keys Identified Mail and it used to authenticate the sending server via encryption. This may help with GoDaddy's trust issues for your domain. Click here for our article on activating this setting for your account. Kindest Regards, Scott M