How do I find info on my email domains

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I can't log onto cPanel because I have changed passwords so many times I have forgotten it. I also am confused about what is my username. On the login site I sometimes see userna5 as my username. I would probably have used my name or my email address. This is frustrating because I am able to build my website using Wordpress but the contact page is not working properly when I have checked to use it by sending many test emails to myself. I do not receive email messages.

Please help. If possible can live telephone support be utilized?

Thank you,

Frank Hann
Hello Frank, and thanks for your question. I've gone ahead and removed some of your personal information from this post as this is a completely public Q&A section on our site. You might be interested in the future in submitting a ticket if you have direct questions about your account. You can also always chat or call us anytime. It sounds like it'd probably be helpful for you to take a look at our AMP vs cPanel guide. Our AMP (Account Management Panel) is where you'd login directly on our website at the top-right with the AMP LOGIN button, to manage your account and deal with things such as registering domains, updating billing information, or submitting tickets. This login would be your email address you used when signing up. You would login to cPanel when you needed to do hosting related things such as create new email accounts, manage files on your account, and check on your resource usage. In regards to your WordPress contact page not working correctly. This is probably a result of some sort of malicious activity that has taken place on your site. In your access logs I see requests to your domain for pages like /wp-admin/nfl-jerseys-cheap-4389099.html and these are bringing up spammy looking pages on your site. I'll send you a personal follow-up email with a bit more information shortly once I figure out what they're doing, as again this is a public forum and I need to talk in specifics about your website to convey what might be wrong. - Jacob