How do I Upgrade Softaculous to Include the WordPress Staging Feature?

it.admin 7 months ago in Technical Support / WordPress updated by Carlos D (Content Marketing Coordinator) 7 months ago 1

Softaculous 5.2.1 does not have WordPress STAGING, how to upgrade?

"Powered By Softaculous 5.2.1 © 2019" does not seem to have the WordPress STAGING capability. How can I get an upgraded version of it? (I have 5.2.6 on another host and it works great). Without converting to BoldGrid, how do I get STAGING for WP?



Thank you for posting your question regarding upgrading Softaculous to utilize the WordPress staging feature. The staging feature was introduced in Softaculous version 4.2.8. Although it is not available for all the installable software in Softaculous, WordPress staging is available in the version you are using.

Since this software upgrade requires root access, you can only upgrade Softaculous if you are subscribed to a VPS or Dedicated server hosting plan.

I hope this helps!


Carlos D.