I tried running a query and it froze PHPMyAdmin

  • Answered
I was trying to run a query on a large table (40,000 rows), and PHPMyAdmin froze. I closed the tab and tried to reenter it, but I could never get in. I thought about dumping and then deleting the database, but the only way to do that without PHPMyAdmin is to log in using SSH, but since I'm on a shared server I can't do that. Please help!
Hello, Sorry to hear about your query issues with the database. I have escalated the issue to our Systems team (through live technical support) and it may be several minutes until they can clear all of the connections and queries that you have made in the process of running the query. Systems will need to kill the process in order to allow you to log back into the database through phpMyadmin. As per your own thought, I would highly suggest that you simply export the database to your local system and then run the query locally. After the query's completed, then you could re-import the database . The SQL server is probably under a little bit of load so it's probably running into resource issues that are causing the issue you're seeing. If you were still wanting to run that query on the server, you will need to wait until our Systems team clears the existing process so that you can try it once again. If the same issue occurs, then you would need to submit a support ticket to have Systems clear the query again. I don't recommend it if you're aware that it's a large query. If you do try to run it, you may want consider running it later in the evening when usage on the servers are much lower. We do appreciate your patience on the issue. Please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.