Transferring SSL from InMotion Hosting

  • Answered
Hello, my client is leaving InMotion Hosting for another host. They have an SSL certificate which they purchased through InMotion and still have about 6 months left. Can they transfer the certificate to the other host? If so, how?
Hello, Thanks for the question about transferring SSL from InMotion Hosting! When you move the SSL certificate to another server it will have a different IP address. This will mean that you will need to have it re-issued. For more questions, check out Comodo's documentation on the process: What you need to Re-issue a SSL certificate. You will need to contact Comodo in order to have the certificate re-issued for the new lcation. If you have any further questions, check out our article on the : SSL certificate If you have any further questions, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.