I'm still getting spam with Spam Assassin

  • Answered
With my old provider, they had to change an MX record or something for Spam Assassin to work. All I know is that I'm getting about 4-6 spam emails a day. Not an overload, but annoying. Can you tell me if Spam Assassin is correctly configured?

I went through the tutorials, but they're too basic.

Hello, and thank you for your question. If you've previously changed your MX records before to filter out spam, are you sure that you were still using SpamAssasin? There are a lot of mail filtering services such as Google Apps that you would modify your MX records for, we also support the McAfee Email Protection service in our cPanel that points to remote MX records for filtering. In order to tell if SpamAssassin is configured correctly on your account, we would need to know what account you're using. Typically you'd want to change your SpamAssassin settings so that a lower score is required in order to flag a message as spam, if too many spam messages are still coming in. If the spam you are still getting has any common characteristics to it, you could also always create an account or user level filter in cPanel to stop those, such as blocking an IP from sending you email. If you are still having issues with the level of spam that you receive, you might wish to also rely on your local mail client's mail filtering. If you'd like for us to take a look for you, please let us know what account this is happening on for you. - Jacob