how do i find the opencart version for a website?

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I want to find the opencart version for the website. The footer is not present in the website. Please tell us the way to find the opencart version other than seeing admin footer.
Hello anushya87, and thanks for your question. If you've customized the OpenCart footer you might no longer see your OpenCart version displayed in the footer. If you didn't modify the footer then in most cases you can find what version of OpenCart you're running by looking at the admin dashboard. Other than that you can also check out either the index.php file in the root of your OpenCart store, or the /admin/index.php and look for the line at the top of the file like:
define('VERSION', '1.5.4');
If you're using some older versions of OpenCart you can take a look in phpMyAdmin at the number of tables your database has, and correspond it with this list I found on the OpenCart forums:
1.2.6 --- 48
1.2.7 --- 47
1.2.8 --- 47
1.2.9 --- 48
1.3.0 --- 48
1.3.1 --- 50
1.3.2 --- 51
1.3.3 --- 51
1.3.4 --- 51
1.4.1 --- 57
Please let us know if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob
Because of how OpenCart has made changes, there is not a specific location that will show version information that is concurrent through all versions. Some versions of OpenCart have the version information shown within the code of the index.php file, but not all. The only real way to find your OpenCart version other than finding it in the bottom of the admin login page would be to compare the code of individual OpenCart releases.