How Do I Cancel My Domain Name and Use a Different Primary Domain?

  • Answered
My current domain is would like to use a new domain I thought about parking but I don't want the current domain. I also have other domain associated to this domain.
Hello Swtcwapjw, Thanks for the question regarding canceling your domain and changing the primary domain for your account. You will need to send a verified email request to technical support([email protected]) in order to have the domain removed. Please review How to cancel your domain registration. It reviews the different ways you can request to have the domain removed from your account. In terms of using a new domain as your primary domain, you will need to do a Primary domain change. I will send you an email that explains how to change your main domain. There are several steps involved. Also, be aware, that if you change the domain name for your website and your website is coded to use the OLD name, then you will want to make those changes in your website code. I hope this helps to clarify your question! Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments. Regards, Arnel C.