Opencart batch product import/export option not showing

  • Answered

I'm running OC v1.5.6 and downloaded, extracted the files and dropped them as instructed into my root folder using Filezilla. I then selected the 'tool/export' options in the Top Administrator section of User Groups in both Access and Modify Permission tables. However once saved down I am not getting the 'Export/Import' option appear in the System menu.

Please let me know what you suggest my next step is.

Hello Timwilcox, Sorry to hear you're having problems with the installation of the Export-import extension. There are many different versions of that program (and they're named more or less the same), so I'm not really sure which one you're using as you did not specify. However, if you are using the FREE one, then please make sure that you open the README.TXT file and following the directions there. There are several steps there that you need to follow before you can actually use the program (it also requires vQmod). The instructions are fairly explicit and also include the options that you can edit in your PHP.INI file for the option to work. If you have carefully reviewed these instructions and you are still having problems, then please confirm the version of the extension you are using, and give us the exact steps you used in installation so that we can attempt to duplicate your problem. If you have an account with InMotion Hosting, it would also help if you could provide a URL for your account so that we can review it directly. Thanks for your patience! Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments. Regards, Arnel C.