What starting package do I need to sell my digital teaching videos?

  • Answered
I am going to be using woo-commerce to sell my digital products. After customers purchase the product from me they will be able to download the videos I have made. These high definition videos that are going to be downloaded range from 15min – 1 hr. How much bandwidth will I need to have to start my business?
Hello Friedl, Thanks for the question. Your hosting package should be based on the size of the website and the traffic you're expecting. If you're only getting a few hundred people, then you can start with a Business-level hosting package. However, I strongly recommend that you do NOT use the web server as the location that you're serving your video files - especially if they're 15 minutes to an hour long. If you have hundreds of files that length, then I would recommend you look into getting a Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution. If it's only a few files and you're not looking a gigabytes in video, then you can have them download it from the server. If you want an example of a CDN, check out Amazon's solution. Note that the CDN would be in addtion to your hosting service. Remember that if you get a Business-level plan, you can upgrade as necessary. So, if you have only a small number of clients in the beginning, then I would recommend starting with either the Business Power or Pro plans. Then as you begin to grow your business, you can upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated server solution. I hope that helps to clear up your question. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. Regards, Arnel C.