Email forwarders need to be fixed

  • Answered
Can someone tell me if my email forwards will be fixed. You changed server on us and it has created a big hassle. I have been disconnected from chat 3 times and the problem does not appear to be solved. If I have to create them again (70+) please give me directions. If you need more information please let me know. This is impacting our business
thank you,
Ken Barber
Hello Ken, I apologize for the issues after your recent server move, from taking a look at your account notes it doesn't seem like email forwarders were missing. Rather it appears that external DNS for your website hadn't been updated when the physical server move happened on 7/20, but instead on 7/27. I'm going ahead and syncing all of your mail during this time-frame over to the new server. Also during this time you can always directly access webmail on the old server to look for any important missing messages: Old Server: New Server: I'll respond to this question again once I've confirmed that the email sync has completed to the new server. Please note that some of your users might have their inboxes re-populated with previously deleted emails in some cases depending on the timing of the messages. - Jacob