How do I create a testing site?

  • Answered
I have built my site in PHP and is live 6+ months. I am going to convert the site into a Drupal 7 site however, since it is getting hits I do not want to take it down. How do I create a dev site and later move it to production? If not possible, I can dev on my localhost.
***Also, does InMotion support Drush?
Hello Rich667, Thanks for the questions! In regards to the development site, if you have a separate domain name that you can use, then you can easily setup an add-on domain, and then create a website there. If you do not want to use an add-on domain, you can always setup a sub-domain under your primary domain and then use that as the development site. In terms of moving the site, you would simply need to move the files into the main folder when you're ready to make the site live. You would have to make changes to the settings.php. We do not currently have a guide for this process, but it has been addressed in the Drupal forums here: Drupal Forums - moving Drupal Websites. There is a solution listed where a user moved the Drupal site from one folder to another. He made a backup of his database, exported it as a SQL file and then did a find and replace on the SQL file (which is text) replacing the old path with the new one. As for DRUSH, it should be no problem to run on our server. I'm not seeing an special requirements. As per this article you may need to make a Drush specific, PHP.INI. You can easily use the default PHP.INI and copy it into the directory where you are installing your dev site. If you have any further questions or require further assistance, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.