Really bad looking sub-category.

  • Answered

Please take a look at the top category bar. When you hover over or hover on any particular spot of
"Collars and leashes", the submenu of "Beach Theme" should be seen.
In this case, you have to hover at exactly the right spot ( toward bottom of category name} or it won't even show the sub-menu.

Also, look at how ugly the sub-menu is. Just plain ugly text like you would see in a paragraph.

Can I solve the hover problem and make the sub-menu look more professional?
Hello Simonb, I'm sorry to hear that you feel that the theme you selected for your OpenCart site has not been visually pleasing to you. Unfortunately, we do not create these themes, and you are basically asking us to help you programmatically change them. We provide support where we can, but you can make this much easier on yourself, if you use a plugin. It's not a free solution, but it would be good for you to use it because then you can alter your website without having to make custom changes to the code (something that we do not typically do). Please check out this plugin: Theme Options. This solution will allow to make changes you're often requesting. Please consider this as a worthwhile investment for you and your OpenCart store. Regards, Arnel C.