My blog is down could you please help me to put it back up!?

  • Answered
Hello few days a go, after a backup my blog is gone down. I do not have much Knowledge and some body told me I have to set $debug = 1; in the /conf/_advanced.php file but I do not know how to have access to that file could you please help me!?

Thank you
Hello Heasy78, Sorry to hear about your blog not working. Basically, the file is a text file that you can edit. You would need to have access to the cPanel for the account and then you could use an editor available through the File Manager to edit the file. I have done this for you already. And the main issue that might causing the problem is this: The skin [mystique] set for blog [Selfish space] does not exist. It must be properly set in the blog properties or properly overriden in a stub file. I looked in the folder for the skins and it's not there. You may need to have this "skin" re-loaded if it's necessary. The debug mode is still active, but you can always return it back to the way it was by once again editing the file that you indicated. I hope this helps in quickly finding the resolution to your ongoing problem. Regards, Arnel C.