2 months of lost data!

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To whom it may concern (although I don’t get the feeling there is any concern on your part):

Account inside11
Ticket number: 1464057

I may be a ‘small’ customer, as I only have one dedicated server, but the bullshit and run around your company has given me over the last week has really cast doubts that you give a damn about your customers. I have tried to play nice and go with the normal channels to get this problem resolved, but that has gotten me NOWHERE.

My account user name is inside11 and my primary domain is insidetopalcohol.com. On Thursday June 27, I started experiencing email problems with all emails associated with my server. I was out of town on business and did not have time to address the problem until Monday, expecting a quick resolution. Going back further, on May 5 or 6, your company anticipated a hardware failure on my server and ‘evacuated’ it to another server. According to the tech I talked with on Monday, the DNS records were never pointed to the new server so he ‘fixed’ that problem. Once DNS servers updated around the web, all of my websites reverted back to the data from May 6th. I start a support ticket and supposedly the data from the old server was transferred to the new server. When my webmaster looked at all of the data, he said it was the same data from May 6, nothing newer. Once I restarted the ticket, after supplying new information and requesting feedback on the ticket, I was told that every time I emailed on that ticket, I went back to the end of the queue. Then the tech I was on the phone on Friday told me that I just needed to quit responding to that email and just let tech support do their thing. In other words, leave us alone.

I run several websites as my business. I have advertisers, people that pay to post classifieds, customers that host sites on my servers. Not only posts, data, account registrations, news articles, etc., are all gone, missing from May 6 to July 1. This isn’t like I just lost a little bit of data. This is a MAJOR PROBLEM. The loss in traffic, not to mention chaos and constantly having to explain to my site advertisers what the hell is going on. This also makes me look like some bush league website that can’t keep the website up. To cap it all off, YOUR COMPANY CAUSED THE PROBLEM!!!

There is absolutely no reason why this has not been brought to a resolution by now. I’m sick of being told that I am the reason why it has not been taken care of because of some bullshit policy of bumping back my ticket due to email responses. I’m sick of being told my case has a ‘priority.’ I’m sick of excuses. This problem needs to be resolved yesterday.

It’s completely unacceptable for this much data to be lost. Where are the backups? Did someone manually delete this data? I’m not a tech guy, but surely there are logs of everything that if we follow the trail starting may 6 to what exactly happened on July 1. That data is hopefully somewhere and I’m starting to get worried that enough time has passed that if the data was inadvertently placed somewhere, it may have been wiped out by now.

I don’t want to hear that we will mark your ticket. I need a high level tech assigned to this ticket and have it resolved TODAY.

Your company needs to quit giving me the run around and fix the problem you created.

I would appreciate a prompt call back from someone with the authority to make something happen.

My next recourse will be to file complaints through channels like the Better Business Bureau.

Will Hanna
Pro Race Communications
Hello Will,

Wow we really dropped the ball on this one for you, and I greatly apologize for that. After our talk on the phone and the email I just sent you out separately I believe everything is good to go now.

I was able to recover the missing post data from the other server's databases and I'm still in the process of doing a full spot check to ensure everything is going to be OK going forward for you.

As a loyal 5 year customer we regret to have put you through this frustration, and I've applied a free month of the dedicated server for you, to hopefully lessen the sting a bit.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you run into any further problems at all, and I'll be noting your account very clearly so that you don't encounter an issue like this again.

- Jacob