Why do I get a 403 forbidden page when logging into Wordpress?

  • Answered
Hello. I have tried to modify the .htaccess files to see if my IP is blocked, and checking the permissions of the folder I'm trying to access (wordpress admin login folder), but I still get a 403.

I've had problems with wordpress ever since inmotionhosting seemed to be targeted by brute-force attacks, and I've had to reset my passwords, disable the modsec manager security every time I or a collaborator wants to log in to the blog. Now we can't even access the admin section, even after adding exceptions in the .htaccess files.

Would you be able to help me trace the problem? I've searched google for answers, but they all point to the server as the source of the problem.

Thank you.
Hello AlonsoMartin,

I'm glad you are able to login to Wordpress! Thank you for updating us and letting us know how you fixed the problem.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,