I was recently working on a card on www.greetingsisland.com and I accidentaly clicked on something and it went to another page and I clicked on the back arrow and all of my progress was gone. Can someone please help me restore the site so I can get my pro

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I have internet Explorer and I am on a Windows Computer. Can anyone please help me soon it is a very important card and I have been working on it for like 3 hours. I have tried to reset it a few times and I have closed out of internet explorer a few times already so I cant just go back. I wont show up in my files either! Will someone please help me!!!
Hello Maddoglover3,

I'm sorry to hear about your card. Unfortunately, what you have experienced is an issue with the design of the website. If the site does not cache what's being placed in the input, there is no way to recover what you have typed. This is based on saving a session or saving the input, but again, if the website is designed to reset the page and not save the session data, then that information is unrecoverable.

The best way to go about this in the future (and I do feel your pain, because I've done this on other websites), is to type up your message on notepad, or a text editor on your computer, and then copy and paste it into the editor for the web page.

Apologies again, about the loss of your message, we unfortunately have no way of recovering the data, since it is not saved in any location. If you want a change made to the site or register a complaint, you need to send a message to the owner of the website with your concerns, as the web host, we simply provide the servers and services hosting the website.

Kindest regards,

Arnel C.