How do I password protect my forum and calender sites?

  • Answered
I want part of my web site to require an id/password to access the content. I would like a single sign on to multiple apps like a calendar, forum, etc. How is that accomplished?
Thank you for your question mink00! You can password protect the directory in your cPanel that you install the forum or calender on. First, you can make a subdomain for each forum, calender etc. Please see the following links on how to do this. 1. Create subdomain. How do I create a subdomain in my control panel (cpanel)? 2. Find the program you want to install in Softaculous. List of programs in Softaculous 3. Install the program on the subdomain. How to install programs using Softaculous 4. Password protect the Directory the subdomain points to. How do I password protect a directory in my control panel (cpanel)? Best Regards, James R