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I recently added a form to my web site and it has been working fine. Yesterday I went to test it and submitted the form from my self to myself. I got an error message saying "bad referrer access denied".
I notice though when I look up my web site on a search engine and open it then test it it will work.
I'm wondering is this what its supposed to do or is there a problem? If so does anyone know how it is corrected?
Thank you for your question greenDaf! Sorry for the trouble with your contact form not working. If you are using FormMail, Its possible you may have permissions problems on your .pl file. Its difficult to say without knowing the location of your contact script. If you are using PHP mailer or a regular PHP script we will need to know where for further diagnostic. Because this is an open forum, you will want to provide tech support with the information on how to replicate the error. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best Regards, James R