Name Change

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I'm requesting to have the reregistration name on the account changed from Kenneth Culbertson to Ashley Culbertson. The reason in which I'm asking this is I'm a transgender and am in the process of getting the paperwork together to legally change my name.

My domain is My last four digits to the card that is registered on the account is XXXX and the card expires XX/XX


Ashley Culbertson
Hello Ashley, We have changed the name of the account holder in the billing information. If you need anything else changed, you may certainly do so via your AMP (Account Management Panel). I have givena link belo: How to Update your Billing and Contact Information I removed the card number and expiration from your post due to the fact this is a public forum. This is for your security, so please remember not to post that type of information in the future as we do not want your account to be compromised. Best Regards, Scott M