Wordpress media library

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Hello...I have installed wordpress and I have a problem with the media library. Pictures are uploaded but when I try to edit one I get the messages Image doesn't exist.
Hello pkontogiannis,

When you upload a file or image in WordPress, it is stored in the wp-content/uploads section under a folder for the year and month, for example, content uploaded in April would exist under wp-content/uploads/2013/04 folder. I can see four images inserted today, so they should be available within your WordPress media library.

Typical troubleshooting for something like this is to first disable all plugins and then attempt the procedure. If the behavior stops, then it is one of the plugins. Enable them one by once, testing the same thing after each one to determine which one is causing the issue. If disabling the plugins does not work, then you will want to set the theme to the defaul theme and test it again. If it works, then the theme is causing an issue.

If it is neither the theme nor the plugins, you will need specific help. We are happy to troubleshoot in that case. In testing the media library on a test account, there is no issue with the media library. Are you getting any particular error message? We would need to know the exact error text and the image name that you are attempting to edit in order to help your specific situation.

Best Regards,
Scott M