Why after 2 Weeks my hostingPlan is not Activated

  • Answered
I purchased a new hostionplan (Lanch) and a new domain name, www.magence.net and it's been 2 weeks now and i still haven't received any call to activate it ? I tried calling and contacting the Sale Department but it wasn't helpfull at all.
We have all data ready for upload and we are really disapointed by this situation after reading tones of great reviews about inmotion.
my number 0022509379034
Hello Coulibaly,

I do apologize, it seems there have been attempts to contact you for confirmations that have not met with success. Please feel free to call our confirmations department at your convencience. The number for that is 757-416-6575 extension 40.

I did reach out to the confirmations team, so they will call you if you do not get a chance to call them first.

Best Regards,
Scott M