reviewing my site

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I need someone to look at my site and see if I can move to a lower hosting plan. I currently do not make the amount i am paying monthly on the site. So our website has become a burden. The main idea was to make money. If we are still using too much resources please let me know what I can do to change to at least get on a vps. thank you very much for your help.
Hello foundnation, I took a look at your server using the tactics that are mentioned in my guide on advanced server load monitoring, and it looks like possibly with some tweaking your account could be placed on a VPS in lieu of a dedicated server. Essentially to be on a VPS platform, the load average on your dedicated server would need to consistently show signs of remaining under 1.00. It looks like for the most part your server does, however there are some pretty significant spikes at times. From looking at your account notes, it would appear that possibly a lot of that load was coming from MySQL activity. More than likely you'd want to optimize your OpenCart database if possible to cut down on that type of activity. I see that you have some .htaccess rules setup to block several problematic bots, it could be possibly that robots crawling your site could have lead to the spikes in MySQL usage. If your usage remains the way it is today, then it could more than likely be downgraded However if the usage starts spiking again like it was doing on the 2nd then a dedicated server would still be necessary in order to handle that load. Please let us know if you have any further questions at all. - Jacob