I do not know the password to the bibsan5 ftp login

  • Answered
I am setting up a new FTP login but it does not show any files when trying to access it. Are my files on the root server? Or where would they be located?
Hello doctorrising, and thanks for your question. When you create a FTP user, there is a Directory: field where you type in what directory that FTP user will have access to. More than likely you've created a FTP user and given them access to a new directory that doesn't yet have any files in it. You main website files would be placed in your /public_html/ directory, so if you wanted to give your new FTP user access to upload files to the website itself, that's the directory you'd want to choose. If you're trying to change your main cPanel account's FTP password, then you'd want to reset your cPanel password using AMP to get access with the main FTP account. Please let us know if you have any further questions at all. - Jacob