Why is my email always being bounced back as spam?

  • Answered
Several times now, to many different addresses, when I send emails (even to people I'm replying to) my email gets bounced back as spam. I've tried rewording the subject, taking the signature off, just about everything, and it still seems not to work. Granted, the people I'm contacting (music producers, etc) have high traffic inboxes and thus very tough spam filters by necessity, but this has been a serious roadblock in my professional life. Is there perhaps some imprint that your hosting service puts on these emails that causes them to be marked as spam? I'm not exaggerating when I say this has happened OFTEN. If you don't mind please contact me at [email protected] regarding this. Thanks!
Hello eplust, and thanks for your question. Typically when you receive an email bounce-back error, it will state a specific reason why the message was blocked. In this case, it appears that the shared-server's mailing IP address had ended up on a blacklist at SpamCop, and the mail server you were attempting to send to checked against that blacklist. I have gone ahead and gotten the shared-server's mailing IP address de-listing from SpamCop, so you should be able to successfully send your message now. You can read our guide on why do mail servers get blacklisted for more information on why this can happen. Please let us know if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob