Error: Error establishing a database connection

  • Answered
I would like to know what is happening with my website. About once an hour I get "Error establishing a database connection" and I get MANY people telling me that they are unable to get to my site on a regular basis. I am fairly new to web administration... Is this a performance issue with my hosting plan or wordpress?
Hello URmothra,

It is possible you are seeing this error intermittently due to the server load being a little high. When this happens, the MySQL service will limit the connections to the service to conserve resources. I do not see any load issues over the last 8 hours or so, however.

The best way to find out if server load is indeed the cause is to call or chat our live support during the time you are getting the error. Our technicians can then run tests against your account connections and the server load to see if that is indeed the cause of the error.

Best Regards,
Scott M