how can i remove the blog feature altogether on my template BirdSITE?

  • Answered

Thank you for your question modelhom!

By default the homepage should look like the snapshot below. This theme has the ability to customize the appearance in the Appearance section of the Wordpress Dashboard.

Check the theme appearance for the customize link.

  1. Log into your Wordpress dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Appearance on the left in the Wordpress dashboard.
  3. Select Customize for the Current theme.
  4. On the a-static-page-link.gif Customize page, select Static Front page.

    Select the a static page radio button. Click Save & Publish

    Now the page should display as a webpage and not a blog.

    wordpress-without-blog.gifNow the Page should look like this snapshot.

Hope this was helpful.

Best regards,
James R.