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Whay my contact form is not working?
I already try many different server user paths and mail program paths with no luck.
Can you helpme as my form always worked in other web hosting companies. Always.
* Are you getting any error messages?
how could you ask this question when that is the subject line THE QUESTION
* When did the issue begin occurring and how can we replicate it?
Always, it has never worked before on this host but it is a working form here:
* What software are you using to build your site?
My site was built with pure XHTML 1.1 coding and my perl form with perl
This is not a problem with my site, is a problem with your PERL server configuration, my php file is working on this other host:
There is nothing wrong with the code in the form as it works on any other host. I do not want to use your PHP forms I want to be able to use my own form I code on my own. Please Help!!

I replaced the fist statement of with:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

This is the exact statement at my other hosting company and works like a charm. They also provided me with a log file from the server in my public folder, whay inmotionhosting doesn't provide me with an error log in my public folder is unbelievable either.
The permissions were already tested with 777 755 and many other settings, that did not solve the problem either.
Hello Marlon,

In researching the errors, it is due to the script running in Taint mode. Our servers are set up in a way that this is causing a permissions issue. Removing the -T option from the first line of the perl script allows it to run correctly as it is not in Taint mode.

The only error I get then, is a 404 when it is looking for contact2.html page.

Best Regards,
Scott M
Thank you for your question marechavala!

Sorry your form isn't working. Usually Internal Server Errors are cause by file permissions problems. Try changing the file permission for your .pl files to 755. This should work. Otherwise we will need to look at the form to see what is happening.

If the permissions does not fix it, please give us the link to the form on your site on our server and we will try and replicate the error to fix it. Sorry for the trouble.

Best Regards

James R