Clean URLs in Drupal 6

  • Answered
I am migrating a Drupal 6 site from another host to InMotion.

Clean URLs are working on the old host but not here.

.htaccess file is the same on both hosts.

What can I do to get clean URL's working here?

I'm accessing the site through the temporary URL because I need to test it before updating the DNS. In what may be related, the site is also not accessing files (images) in my sites/default/files/ folder correctly either. ARe both these issues related to the temp URL?

Hello ElliotDiamond, With CMS tools, it is very common for domains using a Temp URL to not perform properly with regard to certain links and clean URLs. This is due to the pathing structure. You can test this, however, by making a change to your hosts file. This allows you to use your domain name as you normally would as long as you have the mod in place. Below are some links to making this change so you can see the effects. Hosts File Mod in Windows Hosts File Mod on a Mac Best Regards, Scott M